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Interim CEO/Operations


Are you struggling to recover financially?  Looking for new leadership but need to keep the organization going during process? Anxious about recruiting, onboarding, and retention, while ensuring equity and inclusion?  We can help with that.     

We will assess client’s operational approach to continuous improvement, governance and overall cost effectiveness. Facilitating effective interim transitions through short term CEO assignments. Christine uses proactive, transparent, thoughtful guidance to support staff and board.  Able to bring organizations back from the brink of insolvency, fixing board governance practices, breaking down silos, both internal and external, and guiding critical technology updates.  We create a stepwise approach to improvement with a framework and milestones, and clear objectives to ensure positive results.

We will: 

  • Review and supply key performance indicators in each area

  • Develop policies for better internal controls and accountability

  • Guide organizations through transition, accreditation and excellence programs 

  • Plan and execute board and team retreats and strategic planning sessions 

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