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Expert guidance on organization change management, culture,
communication, and team dynamics.   

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C. Ross Associates is a leadership and transformation management consulting firm that focuses on identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes.  

Our approach is to do an assessment on areas the leadership team has identified for potential enhancement.  We provide an overview and a stepwise approach for improvement with milestones and clear objectives that will ensure deliverables are met. We take a hands-on approach, engaging with teams and boards, and can show demonstrable value through operational efficiencies. 


The consultancy’s expertise is built on 22 years of leadership and management experience within the business, economic development, association and chamber of commerce industries.  

H: Meet Christine

Meet Christine

Christine Ross has served as a President & CEO throughout her career with Chambers of Commerce and as a respected board member with association and government partners including the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, the Maryland Manufacturing Advisory Board, the Maryland Cybersecurity Council and a for-profit senior lifestyle community. She has deep experience in advocacy, strategic planning, team building, board governance and excellence initiatives.  With a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Marketing, she brings depth of knowledge backed by continuous learning to each engagement.  

H: Services


CEO, C-Suite Insight

Work one-on-one, assess current challenges, design a roadmap for solutions and implement identified tactics in a specific timeframe transforming - internal culture, C-Suite efficiency, management strategies, and communication plans that provide value based impact on business goals.

Teams and Culture

Evaluate and guide client and teams to improve workplace synergy particularly around hybrid and remote work.  Assess and develop a step by step plan for improving office dynamics, team collaboration and workplace efficiency, encouraging diversity of thought and culture.  

Interim CEO
and Operations

Prep for new leadership. Assess client’s operational approach to continuous improvement and overall cost effectiveness.  Create a stepwise approach to improvement with a framework and milestones, to ensure positive results.  

Economic and Community Development

Assess current programs and systems and design a step by step guide for solving community and economic development challenges based on priorities for small businesses, rural communities, retention, expansion and workforce.

Foundation Design and Activation

Assess client’s strategic plan and work priorities and develop capacity building processes to establish a complimentary program for Foundation 501(c)(3) research and development activities. 

H: Success Stories

Success Stories

So often organizations succeed or fail based on the leadership of those at the top.

The Maryland Chamber’s notable successes were due in large part to Christine’s leadership. We were most fortunate to have her for the five years of her tenure.

John W., CEO

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